• Description:

  • 1. Select the type of calculation
  • 2. Complete the fields marked in blue
  • 3. The calculated values are displayed in the boxes marked with green color
  • 4. The values without color do not take into the calculation of a given type
  • 5. Click "Calculate"


  • Note:
  • 1. The calculated values are calculated based on the relationship of theoretical and determine the strength of the grating as indicative.
  • 2. Concentrated loads and continous loads are allowable loads taking into account the maximum possible deflection of the grating.
  • 3. Depending on the mesh size or dimensions of flat, load values are calculated from the condition of load capacity or condition of use.
  • 4. The values of the dimensions of flat and mesh size should be correlated with the program production of company Kraty Mostostal Kraków.