Warehouse service, grating panels and stair treads
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We keep a large stock of finished galvanised products with typical dimensions:

  • platform gratings with a standard mesh of 33x33 mm made of load bearing bars 30x1,5 mm (light and economic model), 30x2 mm and 30x3 mm framed with flat bar

  • stair treads with a standard mesh of 33x33 mm made of load bearing bars 30x1,5 mm, 30x2 mm and 30x3 mm with a perforated anti-slip strip and side plates with mounting holes

  • standard bolted fixture to fasten gratings to structures and double brackets to connect bars together

Pressed platform gratings and stair treads are made of S235JR as per EN 10025, DIN 24531, DIN 24537, with tolerances RAL-GZ 638 and technical workmanship specifications. They are hot dip galvanised as per EN ISO 1461 and have Technical Approval AT -15-4613 / 2012 issued by the Instytut Techniki Budowlanej (Building Research Institute) of Warsaw.




Pressed galvanised grating manufactured under the Manufacturing Plan of Kraty Mostostal Kraków, mounted to structures with 4 standard hot dip galvanised clamps.

Size of grating panel L x B [mm]
500 x 1000500 x 1000500 x 1000
 600 x 1000
 700 x 1000
800 x 1000800 x 1000800 x 1000
  900 x 1000
1000 x 10001000 x 10001000 x 1000
 1200 x 1000
 1500 x 1000
1000 x 5001000 x 500
 1000 x 800
 800 x 600



Stair tread with perforated anti-slip strip and side plates with two holes mounted to stringers with 4 hot dip galvanised screws M12x35 as per DIN 558 + M12 nut as per DIN 555 + A13 washer as per DIN 125.

External dimensions L x B [mm]
STEPS STO/33x33/30x3STEPS STO/33x33/30x2STEPS STO/33x33/30x1,5
800 x 240600 x 240600 x 240
800 x 270600 x 270600 x 270
1000 x 240800 x 240
1000 x 270800 x 270
1200 x 2701000 x 240
 1000 x 270



Pressed platform grating with serrated load bearing bar (serrated - S1) in frame for setting in concrete - covers canals in floors, or used as shoe scraper..

Size of grating panel L x B [mm]
KWO/22x33/25x2/SERRATED (S1)
500 x 300
600 x 400
600 x 500

Products comply with DIN 24537. Hot-dip galvanising complies with EN ISO 1461, Technical Approval of the Building Research Institute in Warsaw ITB AT-15-4613/2006. Steel grade: S235JR (EN 10025).

We offer receiving from our warehouse located in Januszowice, 32-090 Słomniki, close to Kraków, or delivery to the Client on the premises of Poland up to 3 days.