Fence gratings are produce of pressed gratings with a "wide" mesh. The most commonly used mesh sizes are: 44x66 mm, 66x66 mm, 44x99 mm and 66x99 mm.
In "large" panels with overall dimensions exceeding 1500x1800 mm, we suggest to increase the density of mesh size.

To help you install your fencing made of gratings, we offer U-shaped or hollow bar posts. We also make special fixing projections in grating panels.



fence_installation_1 fence_installation_2

Pressed grating segment

  • vertical flat bar (25x2 mm, 30x2 mm or 40x2 mm)
  • horizontal flat bar (9x1,5 mm)
  • top and bottom framing of flat bar (3 or -4 mm)
  • eliptic field hole
  • post made of a channel section
  • post made of a closed section
  • blocking cap (made of 4 mm plate) with M12 bolt
  • hanger nest
  • fixing projection

Posts are fixed to the substrate using the following methods:
  • posts with plate feet are fixed with stud-bolts
  • straight posts are embedded in plinth concrete

Segments are fixed to the posts using the following methods:
  • TYPE 1 - bolting with four M12 bolts
  • TYPE 2 - suspension on 4 hangers with blocking caps

Most frequently used fence-segment dimensions:

Segment height Fence module
H [mm] B [mm]
1300 2000
1500 2000
1700 2000

We also offer custom-made fence segments of any dimensions up to Hmax = 2000 mm and Bmax = 2000 mm.