Welded gratings KOZ (SP) are manufactured by connecting load bearing bars with cross twisted rods. The connecting procedure involves welding in whose effect twisted rods get welded to bearing bars. The resulting welded grating is durable structures capable of carrying loads on any surface under load.


The essential operation in the manufacturing of welded grating is connecting flat bars with rods. The joining method used is resistance welding which involves forcing a 2500 kVA current through the point of contact while applying downforce of 1000 kN. This technology is used to manufacture welded grating mats with dimensions of 6100 x 1000 mm which are then cut to desired sizes.

Structural components of welded grating are load bearing bars and cross twisted rods with a diameter of 5 or 6 mm (depending on the thickness of a load bearing bar). Bearing bars are designed to carry loads applied to the grating while cross rods provide suitable placement of and stability to the load bearing bars.

The length of a load bearing bar should coincide with the span between the beams of the supporting structure. This dimension is traditionally marked as "L" and also called the grating length. The second dimension is width "B" which is the length of twisted bars. The frame of welded gratings is made of flat bars with the same thickness and height as the load bearing bar.

Our welded platform gratings are manufactured of S235JR grade steel in compliance with EN 1002 and DIN 24537 standards, and tolerances indicated in RAL-GZ 638 instructions. Hot-dip galvanising is performed as per EN ISO 1461.

The standard width of welded grating is 1,000 mm; welded gratings with widths other than 1,000 mm are made to individual orders.

At the design stage, it is recommended to design platforms made of gratings with a width B=1,000 mm + resulting dimension. The manufactured product thus bears the lowest cost of production, and it is cheaper and easier to manufacture.

Overall dimensions of platform gratings are made with negative tolerances from (+0 to -4 mm). At the design stage, the spacing between successive gratings should be assumed to be 0.


BEARING BAR DIMENSIONSHeight [mm]20; 25; 30; 4025; 30; 40; 50; 60; 70
Thickness [mm]2; 34; 5
CROSS-BAR TYPESGrooved twisted bar - dDiameter [mm]56
MESH SELECTIONSMesh-size (space between bearing-bars)25; 34; 51; 68
Mesh-spacing (space between cross-bars)25; 38; 50; 76; 101

    length: L = 6100 mm x width: B = 1000 mm
    Standard panel width: B = 1000 mm (the least expensive solution among welded gratings)

    serrated bearing-bars

    symbol/mesh/bearing bar/external panel dimensions/number of pieces
    KOZ/34 x 38/40 x 3/L=900 x B=1000/12